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Hair Salon Towel Service

Find Hair Salon Towel Service In Your Area

Hair Salon Towel Service

If you are a manicurist, barber, hairdresser or esthetician, you will use salon towels many times daily. Choosing the best salon towels will not just make financial sense but also contribute to hygiene in your business. Towel Service is the leading company in the United States and Canada helping stylists, beauty schools, salons and barbershops find the best linen and towel service companies.

Why Choose A Towel Service As Your Salon Towel Service Partner

We invite you to use our experts in hair salon towel service. We only work with the best who provide high quality products, excellent customer service and are always on time. You can bank on our expert experience as the most reliable way to finding towels that withstand constant washing and heavy use. By using our staff, you can get salon towels that resist bleach substances, harsh chemicals, hair dyes and stains. We can also help you acquire towels with choice colors, 100% cotton material and company logos.

Salon Towels Your Clients Will Love

When in need of a hair salon towel service, contacting Towel Service is the most reliable and quickest way to getting towel supply for your salon. You will only need to tell us the type of towel you require and your location.

Matching You Up With Salon Towel Companies

To guarantee you high quality salon towels, we only refer you to companies that meet the following requirements:

• The company must have modern technology, skills, and specialized training on towel production.
• The proof of certification and business permits.
• We only recommend businesses that are at least 3 years old.
• No record of bankruptcy.
• Listing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Find The Best Quality Towel Services

At Towel Service, we understand why your salon business needs linens that are colorful and fresh while maintaining their appearance even after several washes. We can give you free price quotes any time. Our customer care staff are available to promptly match you up with excellent salon towel companies. To get the perfect salon towels for your beauty shop or spa at affordable prices today, fill out our online form or call 888-775-0897.